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A Submission to the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, April 2010

A Submission to the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, April 2010

For more: Sydney Taxi Corruption

Faruque Ahmed’s Submission to the NSW Upper House Inquiry re Taxi Industry and In Person Presentation are two well-documented illustration of the NSW Taxi Industry.

A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry and Beyond A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry exposed the taxi industry mandarins’ contempt of Parliament.

Further to contempt of Parliament, the NSW Upper House Inquiry Committee had to exchange 11 communications to bring Reg Kermode for questioning. This transcript provides further evidence regarding intelligence and integrity of two taxi industry giants Reg Kermode and Peter Ramshaw including the NSW Transport and Infrastructure Supremo Leslie Wielinga! These peoples said nothing, know nothing – yet they are the experts of this town!

People mentioned above have been submitting incorrect, untrue and not true information and arguments to IPART, Courts and Commissions for a long time and those faulty materials were accepted by everyone as a Gospel Truth despite substantiated warnings from genuine people like me and others!

Howard Harrison of Taxi Council Limited is allowed to make reckless and wild allegations to incite against migrants and taxi workers! While your organisation is too shy to give a few minutes time to genuine taxi industry activists!! TAXI TRIBUNAL THAT LACKS TRANSPARENCY is self explanatory! Super Rats, Taxi Council Limited, NSW IPART and Nexus Plates compliments your tribunal’s lack of transparency and integrity. Rats In The Ranks is one of many good articles to understand the taxi industry and Labor Party Corruption.

Faruque Ahmed letter to IPART Chairman re Labor Cost to include taxi drivers’ income component as no one can cost a product or service without factoring in “workers wages/salary/commission”.

However you can see the IPART Chairman Refuses to Consider Labor Component! All of these evidence and documents are exposing the illogical and irrational nature of your tribunal again.

Earlier, I have requested the NSW Minister for Transport to include taxi drivers’ income component and instruct IPART to do so because one must not cost a product or service without factoring in “workers wages/salary/commission” However you can see the good minister refused to consider my request like your own Professor Tom Perry! You people have been talking about ‘notional wages’, …. ! Probably, you do not know the fact that taxi drivers’ need real wages for real food, shelter and clothing rather than assume income or presume wages.

Materials contained in links below



The General Problem: An All-pervasive `allegations...

The Emergence of the "Taxi Council".

The Transport Workers Union and its failure to rep...

The Key Issue of Fare Rises & Pay-in Increases & t...

The Industrial Commission and the $40 a day pay-in...

The Failure of Executive Government to Address Tax...

Department of Transport.

Other Correspondence with the DOT: A Case of Hidin...

Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).

A Footnote on the DIR/Minister/TWU/Industrial Comm...

Paying the Piper? Some Questionable Public Sector ...

The Corruption of the Legislative (Advisory) Proce...

Victimisation/Harassment of Drivers by Owners/Oper...

Driver Harassment/Assaults/Robbery and Fare Evasio...

Request for an Inauiry by the NSW Stay Safe Commit...

The Driver Authority Card. Radio Networks & Privac...

The Abuses of the Taxi Radio System

Safety and the Radio System

Privacy and the Radio System

Unpaid Labor Cabcharge and other Credit Facilities...

10g. The Complaints System and need for Public Edu...

Workers Compensation and Third Party Insurance Fra...

Shortage of City Cabs at Changeover Time

Taxi Plates Supply & Demand

Prosecution of Drivers over Uniform Infringements:...

Taxi Driver Training Schools

The Supply and Demand of Labour in the NSW Taxi In...

Taxi Cab Inspection System:

The Olympic Games 2000 and the Taxi Industry and Conclusion can provide a clear picture of the NSW Taxi Industry and must not be ignored by IPART.

Materials mentioned in Blatant Corruption contain clear pictures of corruption and racism in the taxi industry! It is ironic, even the NSW Upper House Inquiry could not ask questions regarding the NSW Labor Party President Steve Hutchins Bribe Scandal!!

Blatant Corruption

1. Taxi Driver Entitlement under the Law

2. The NSW TWU's Crime against Taxi Drivers


4. Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies

5. Barrister Adam Hatcher’s Confession (?)


4. Unreserved Apology to Taxi Drivers and Migrants is self explanatory. Beside deliberately ill motivated racism and sectarianism of CH 7, the so called taxi industry activists are not willing to do anything about it. However, they are very keen to insult Faruque Ahmed for trying to do something!

5. Vilification of Taxi Drivers and Ethnic Groups is no different either! It was a trial by media and many industry activists said, “the guy is guilty because he is a Muslim and because he is from same cultural background of Faruque Ahmed … ”. General tones of the media outlets and the rest of the society including the judiciary were not too different either! Someone in the know privately told me, “may be, this case is a miscarriage of justice”!

6. Racist and sectarian venom of Peer is another good one. No one does anything but everyone love to blame Faruque for almost everything! Here, a person is branded as Muslim Extremist without an iota of evidence!!

7. A Proper Response to a congenital racist and fascist

Union NSW

8. In desperation I have also asked assistance from Union NSW. But the arrogant Mark Lennon refused to answer me.

Media Blockade

Communication is a very important tool for taxi drivers and taxi industry activists. They speak to passengers, talk back radio and other available mediums. I have been talking to talk back radios for a long time. Last time I was blocked by some of them due to the 9/11 charade. This time, it appears, I am blocked due to direct and indirect influence of industry mobsters’ advertisement power.

9. Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE) and

10. Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB) are self explanatory.

Yet, no one did anything about any of these issues.

Ironically, the NSW Transport Workers Union got the legal right (?) to represent bailee taxi drivers at the NSW Industrial Commission! Unfortunately they have been selling us down the drain and not even coming here to protect taxi drivers’ welfare and interests. Would you believe, we even could not ask any question regarding integrity of the NSW TWU leadership during the NSW Upper House Inquiry!

Out of 20 000 taxi drivers only a handful of us are here! Most taxi drivers despise your tribunal and openly question IPART’s intelligence and integrity. Some taxi drivers said to me, “these child molesters and criminals are working for the taxi mafia and they do not have any respect for public and workers”. Considering the record of IPART, hardly one can argue against expressions of this kind.

The NSW Transport and Infrastructure Supremo Leslie Wielinga who have confessed his ignorance and inability during the NSW Upper House inquiry! However, he was cunning and cruel enough to limping towards a congestion tax on bailee taxi drivers without any compensation or valid grounds and reasons whatsoever.

Now, Can I present all of theses important materials regarding taxi industry without any fear or favor or will I be silenced by the gatekeepers of the NSW IPART to short change the notion of justice, fairness and decency on Monday?

With thanks

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed


Sydney Taxi Corruption

Mobile: 041 091 4118

Friday, April 09, 2010

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